19 Kids and Counting's Amy Duggar causes a stir with photo of herself kissing boyfriend Dillon King

Amy Duggar kisses boyfriend Dillon King(Instagram/Amy Duggar)

The popular Duggar cousin Amy, of 19 Kids and Counting, is clearly feeling the joy of being in a loving relationship, and she has been sharing a lot of pictures with her new man Dillon King on her Instagram account (@amyduggar) lately.

One of these is a black and white photo with the caption, "Thankful for this guy right here.. he speaks truth into my life, he calls me out when I need to straighten up, he protects me and shows me tough love sometimes, and then there are those moments when we are talking and I think to myself 'what did I do to deserve you?' We've been dating 4 months today which isn't a long time but we've known each other for years! So many good times... You make me so happy."

However, there have been some 19 Kids and Counting loyalists who are questioning whether or not Amy's pictures appropriately fit into the Duggar courtship rules, after Amy shared photos of herself kissing Dillon.

The Duggar family strictly prohibits any physical contact between couples while they are dating, and holding hands is allowed only after a couple gets engaged.

But Amy, who is the daughter of Terry and Deanna, Jim Bob's sister, is not adhering to her famous uncle's strict rules. She even revealed earlier that she was actually born out of wedlock, which went against the conservative views of Jim Bob.

"The tabloids are telling the truth, my mom and dad did have me out of wedlock. Just because we are Christians doesn't make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven. Just because I share the Duggar name doesn't mean my life is perfect!" she wrote on her Instagram account.

She added that she is extremely proud of her mother for choosing to give her life. "I'm sure she was scared, young, ridiculed, and felt ashamed. God's grace covered it though! She's beautiful inside and out. I'm also grateful that I have such an awesome relationship with my dad! Seriously he's the greatest!" she wrote.