Are you single? The TV show hoping to help you find love in church


If you're single and a Christian, chances are you've been a victim of at least one awkward set-up by well-meaning friends.

Well, now you don't even need to leave the house to be on the receiving end of one of these disasters – a new dating game show is set to air this week that offers churches the opportunity to find a potential date for their unlucky-in-love singletons.

Presented by gospel singer Natalie Grant, 'It Takes a Church' will see congregations across America searching for love for "one lucky, single, parishioner". And the catch? The "lucky" victim is totally unaware they're part of the show.

At the end of each episode, all is revealed and the contestant is offered a line-up of potential dates, which is when they get to choose which one they'd most like to take out. They don't need to feel too guilty at the straight-up rejection though; those who don't make the cut get a year's free membership to, which is featured heavily throughout each episode.

Gospel singer Natalie Grant will present the show

"It's beautiful because it plays on the community that church provides, and a lot of people have stopped going to church or they've got burned out on this, that, or the other, and they forget that church can really provide a sense of family," Grant told the Atlanta Daily World.

She also shared that the show provides some spiritual counselling, and each church's minister gets to highlight his or her favourite potential date in a segment entitled "Pastor's Picks".

"It's really sweet, but it's like, man, you'd better trust the people you go to church with because they're about to pick out some dates for you!" Grant laughed.

So if you haven't yet found that special someone, catch the premiere on GSN this Thursday, June 5 at 9 pm ET/PT for some tips. (Or alternatively, ban your church from taking part...).