Bethany Hamilton enjoying being mom to Tobias but can't wait to surf the waves anew

Bethany Hamilton cradles Tobias as she and husband Adam Dirks tenderly look at their newborn.(Facebook/Bethany Hamilton)

"Soul Surfer" Bethany Hamilton has given birth to her and husband Adam Dirks' baby boy just a few weeks ago, and even though Hamilton is relishing the joys of motherhood, there is a part of her that is longing to go back surfing.

On her Instagram account (@bethanyhamilton), the passionate surfer shared an old photo of her dominating the waves and wrote, "I am loving being a momma!!! Tobias is adorable. But I can't wait to get my feet on some wax and #mybikini on! So hungry to surf..."

Hamilton's fans are showering her with congratulations, but at the same time, they are also urging the new mom to "take it easy" and spend as much time she can with Tobias. "Enjoy this beautiful moment. They grow up so (quickly). And you will surf all your life," someone commented on the photo.

Another person thought that she is "insane" to be itching to surf given the recent arrival of her son. Many others lauded her for being such an "inspiration to Christianity."

Hamilton shared Tobias' first photo on her social media accounts, and in it, the toddler is being cradled lovingly by his parents as they gazed down on him. "Blessed to welcome our son, Tobias, into the world. Born June 1st, 7.9 lbs. and 21" long," she wrote. "Adam and I so in love with our lil guy and are stoked to share life with him!"

Hamilton also explained why they chose the name Tobias for their son, and that is to give honour to his great grandfather who carried the same name. It means "the goodness of God" in Greek.

The name is very popular in Germany, Scandinavia, and the United States, especially among Jewish people.