Carrie Underwood tells fans: Get ready to be surprised by 'most amazingest album'

It's tough to balance motherhood and a flourishing singing career, but Carrie Underwood makes it work.(Instagram/Carrie Underwood)

Christian country singer Carrie Underwood is drumming up even more hype for her new album, which she teased would be "the most amazingest album ever."

During a chat with country station WMZQ-FM, Underwood said her new album is almost done, although she did not want to reveal its official release date yet.

"We are definitely getting close," she simply said. "I can't stamp any final date on it right now, but as it stands, I have a couple more songs to go in and figure out. And then I think we'll be done. I don't want to ever say, 'No, we're done,' and then some amazing song comes through."

Underwood further said that she wrote about half of the songs in her new album, but she's also okay with using other materials that are better than hers.

"I'm brutal when it comes to my own songs, especially," she admitted. "I want the best stuff, whether I wrote it or not."

A lot of country stars have been venturing into pop and rock, but Underwood is determined to stay true to her roots. However, Underwood guaranteed that when fans hear her new songs, they would be pleasantly surprised with the new sounds.

"Overall, it's kind of twangy in a different way," Underwood said. "It's hard to describe. The people that like me will be like, 'Oh, this sounds like Carrie.' But it's definitely a new chapter."

Another thing different about her new album is the fact that there would be a song dedicated to her newborn son Isaiah Michael. Underwood and her professional hockey player husband Mike Fisher gave birth to Isaiah just this February, and the new mom has said that she was inspired deeply by her baby as she worked on her new album.