Casting Crowns and Focus on the Family team up for 28 Days to a Thriving Marriage

Casting Crowns has teamed up with Focus on the Family to provide a daily devotional entitled "28 Days to a Thriving Marriage."

Christian band Casting Crowns has just teamed up with non-profit organisation Focus on the Family to help married couples achieve a happy marriage with a daily devotional entitled "28 Days to a Thriving Marriage."

It also aims to challenge and inspire couples to grow closer together while learning God's truths regarding marriage.

The first devotional is called Growing Up Together and couples are encouraged to read the Bible verse 1 Corinthians 13, and reflect on their childhood views of love, and the lessons they've encountered along the way. "We all come to marriage with dreams and expectations. But what happens when our desires collide with those of our spouse; when the fulfillment of dreams fails to make us happy or circumstances change in unexpected ways? We can demand our own way, or we can use the opportunity to grow," the devotional read.

The second, called Love In Action, was all about actions that affirm the couple's love for one another, and how it's more important for them to demonstrate these feelings than simply utter them. The daily devotional stressed that God didn't just tell us that He loved us but showed it when he gave up His only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.

The third devotional focuses on Wisdom, and how it differs from knowledge. "How would our life be different if we were committed to letting wisdom be evident in our attitudes and actions?" they asked.

The fourth, based on Faith, lets couples share areas where they struggle to trust God and consider how they will be able to help each other have faith in God more. "Constant trust in God can be tough in our troubled world, but God has given married couples the gift of a spouse to help share in the good and bad of life," they simply explained. "Sometimes when we're struggling, our spouse can seem to have enough faith for both of us."

The fifth devotional, entitled In All You Do, urges couples to reflect how they centre on God in their daily lives, even in the mundane things such as doing chores. On the other hand, the sixth devotional In All You Say reminds couples to be careful in everything they say.

The latest and seventh devotional is called Unconditional Love, which compares human love to that of God's. It teaches couples that with God in the centre of their marriage, His overflowing unconditional love will spread towards couples too.

More devotionals will be shared on Casting Crown's Facebook page.