Christian charity launches emergency appeal to help thousands of fair trade producers put at risk by Brexit

Thousands of Traidcraft partners around the world are being affected by Brexit(Photo: Traidcraft Exchange)

A Christian development charity is appealing for donations to support fair trade producers facing economic uncertainty and hardship as a result of Brexit.

Traidcraft Exchange said the fallout from Britain's decision to leave the European Union is hurting fair trade suppliers in poorer parts of the world who have traditionally sold their products to the British market.

It is now seeking donations to help cushion the impact on suppliers experiencing a sudden drop in orders.

The launch of the appeal comes not long after the charity's sister business Traidcraft plc warned that its future was in question unless it could find a sustainable alternative model.

It blamed the crisis on the uncertain economic conditions caused by Brexit as it revealed that it would be significantly downsizing and cutting the number of product lines it sells in the UK.

Over 8,000 artisans and producers stand to lose their jobs or experience a decline in their income as a result of the losses at Traidcraft plc, with producers from India and Bangladesh among the worst affected.

Hand-embroidered card manufacturer Swajan, based in Bangladesh, employs over 750 people, many of them women. Traidcraft Exchange said the company faces a 65 per cent fall in orders.

'For years artisans from poor and isolated regions have been able to sell to the UK fair trade market. Now that existing deals are coming to an abrupt end we owe it to them to cushion the blow and help them chart a new future,' said Kate Dixon, spokesperson for Traidcraft Exchange.

'Every supplier has different needs – some will need help finding alternative fair trade buyers and some will need short term direct financial support.

Donations to the urgent producer appeal can be made via the Traidcraft Exchange website and over the phone at +44 (0)191 497 6445