Duggar cousin Amy speaks out on Josh scandal: Never stop praying

Amy Duggar believes in the power of prayer.Instagram/Amy Duggar

While the rest of the Duggar family seem to prefer keeping quiet about Josh's child molestation raps, their cousin Amy is not afraid to let her voice be heard.

On her Instagram account (@amyduggar), the outspoken Duggar cousin shared the Bible verse 1 Thessalonians 5:17 that says, "Never stop praying."

For the photo caption, she wrote, "No matter what happens in life our prayers are heard. Pray for your enemies. Pray for people who judge you and mistreat you. Pray for God's will in every aspect of your life."

Prayer is something the Duggar family from the hit show "19 Kids and Counting" really need right now. Because of the recent revelation of Josh's sordid past, the eldest Duggar son was forced to resign from his position at the Family Research Council. Not only that, but his family was also affected. TLC Network decided to pull their episodes off the air for the time being, and several companies have also chosen to pull back their ads during the show.

Amy's post has garnered some scathing remarks from people, but there were also some who are determined to keep an open mind.

One Instagram user commented, "How about stopping hypocrisy for TV? Pray for the victim of your cousin & let him pay for what he did." Another also said, "So, does that mean gay people should pray for your family? You know, as you all judge and mistreat them?"

On the flipside, there were others who stood up for the Duggars by saying, "You cannot let one person in a family justify the others. Just because Josh Duggar may have molested someone doesn't mean the entire family has."

Another user said, "Like it or not, understand it or not, according to our Christian faith God does forgive Josh Duggar. There is no sin so great God cannot forgive and no sinner so far gone He cannot restore. It's WHY Jesus died on the cross for us!"