Fairtrade wedding rings: 5 ethical options for your big day


Wedding rings are one of the most significant purchases a bride and groom will make for their wedding day. So it's common for couples to spend months agonising over how to choose a design that accurately represents their tastes. But far fewer give as much consideration to the environmental and social impact of their precious purchase. For couples who want to ensure that all that glitters is (Fairtrade) gold and that their bands are a symbol of more than their love for one another, ethical rings are the answer. Here are five options that are both sustainable and stylish.

April Doubleday custom made Fairtrade gold wedding band

April Doubleday

Made with Fairtrade gold, these ethical wedding bands can be designed to meet your wants and needs. April's commitment to using Fairtrade certified precious metals in her jewellery designs means that not only do miners receive a fair price for their gold, but their communities are also granted the Fairtrade Premium, an additional sum of money which goes towards the development of infrastructure.

Cred elements wedding rings in Fairtrade gold

Cred Jewellery

These hand-finished hammered bands offer a contemporary twist on a traditional style. Cred was Europe's first independent Fairtrade gold retailer. They pride themselves on their ability to offer full transparency (the miners who source the gold they use are visited by Cred staff every six months) and the mining communities they're in partnership with also receive the Fairtrade Premium.

Arabel Lebrusan ethical platinum wedding ring

Arabel Lebrusan

These classic platinum bands are a great choice if you're looking for something ethical and simple. Made with recycled platinum, they'll serve as testimony of your commitment to each other and your ethical principles. Arabel's designs are all produced using sustainable precious metals and gemstones, any diamonds used are conflict-free and all gold is ethically sourced in accordance to Fairtrade guidelines.

Harriet Kelsall rose gold gentle curved wedding ring

Harriet Kelsall

This rose gold ring will help you break the mould in more ways than one. The colour, although untraditional, is a nod to your romantic side. Plus, Harriet's belief that no one should suffer in the supply chain and the jeweller's accreditation from a variety of ethical organisations mean your rings will be socially and environmentally friendly.

Go vintage


Many fair trade jewellery designers give customers the option to have creative control over the design of their wedding bands so that they're truly original. If you can't afford the price tag of a custom ethical ring, going vintage is another way to ensure that your wedding ring is unique and ethical. Specialist vintage jewellery suppliers, second-hand shops and - if you're lucky enough - family heirlooms are some of the ways which you can get your hands on a pre-loved piece of jewellery.