Franklin Graham says father Billy Graham has never criticised his outspokenness 

Franklin Graham(Photo: BGEA)

Evangelist and missionary Franklin Graham has been criticised for his remarks against gays, secularists, and Muslims, but there is at least one person who apparently doesn't mind his outspokenness - his famous father, Rev Billy Graham. 

Franklin said his father also has a history of speaking out against issues he disagrees with, and has been particularly vocal about gay marriage. 

"My father was also critical," Franklin said. "He was critical of communism. He was critical of sex and violence in Hollywood.

"In recent years, he certainly came out in support of Amendment One in North Carolina which is the state's voter-approved gay marriage ban. It's the same one federal judges struck down recently."

The Samaritan's Purse CEO has been a staunch opponent to gay marriage, and remains committed to upholding the institution's biblical definition. 

"Marriage is defined between a man and a woman. And it`s never been defined between two women or two men," said Graham.

"God is the one who instituted marriage and for our politicians and our judges to say something contrary to God`s law and teaching is a sad day."

Graham went on to assert that the nation's moral foundation is eroding, and said he is unsure if it will ever be restored. 

"I`m not sure that this country can ever turn around and be saved," he admitted.  

"I have no faith in the Democratic Party. I don`t have any faith in the Republican Party. I don`t believe that there`s a candidate out there that can change this.

"Because both parties, and I don`t even know who the Tea Party is. I just don`t have faith the politicians of this nation can take a stand for the moral issues we face and turn it around."