Innovative new school programme to teach hundreds of children about Christianity

10 Must Know Bible Stories was created with input from school children and teachers(Photo: Church of Scotland)

Hundreds of school children in Scotland will be finding out more about the Christian faith through an innovative new learning programme. 

10 Must Know Bible Stories was developed by Sue Thomson, a schools worker at St Columba's Church of Scotland in Bridge of Don, Aberdeenshire, in partnership with local schools.

The 'must know' Bible stories include Noah's Ark, David and Goliath, and the parables of Jesus. 

The programme is being made available to schools across Scotland and is designed to give children an understanding of the key Christian beliefs. 

Children and teachers from primary schools in the Bridge of Don area helped Ms Thomson to develop the programme over the last three years. 

It is designed to support teachers in teaching the Christian faith while also linking in with the existing school curriculum. It ncludes outdoor learning ideas, stories and creative visuals.

Ms Thomson said: "10 Must Know Bible Stories is an easy-to-use toolkit for teachers throughout Scotland.

"The learning goals include to provide children with an understanding of Christian belief and to involve children as active participants encouraging them to respectfully and thoughtfully explore how faith and belief affect the world they live in." 

She continued: "The lesson plans outline activities which will help children to discover Christian belief for themselves as well as encouraging discussion and reflection on their own beliefs and values.

"The resources provide clear links across the curriculum particularly to literacy and health and wellbeing. Much of the learning was conducted outdoors and the children love it." 

The programme is accompanied by artwork specially commissioned by the Scottish Bible Society and a companion website where free resources have been made available. 

Rt Rev Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, which provided funding for the programme, said: "I am delighted to hear of this new resource and for the co-operation between the Church and different organisations that lies behind it.

"We can never over-estimate the power of stories and the stories chosen would, at one time, have been familiar to every primary school child in Scotland.

"I hope this resource helps a new generation become familiar with parts of the greatest story ever told."