Natalie Grant thanks God for her daughter's miraculous recovery and the many people who prayed for her

Christian singer Natalie Grant with her daughter Gracie on her hospital bed in a picture she posted on her Facebook page(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

Christian singer Natalie Grant said she recently went into a state of panic when her 8-year-old daughter Gracie suddenly stopped breathing. She rushed the little girl to the hospital and cried when she learned that her daughter is suffering from a collapsed lung.

At the hospital, Grant could do nothing but pray. At that moment, the worried mother thought it would really help if other people prayed for Gracie, too, so she took and posted a photo of her daughter lying on the hospital bed on her Facebook page and asked fans to do just that.

The photo led to an outpouring of concern and well-wishes. The reaction overwhelmed Grant, and she was grateful for the prayers and expression of concern made by numerous people from various parts of the world.

"I have all these people who would pray for my kid. I honestly didn't expect it to be what it was. It was literally a worldwide prayer chain," she told The Tennessean. "I'm reading these comments and it gave us a ton of strength."

This made Grant believe in the power of prayer more than ever. For several days, the singer kept posting updates about her daughter's condition. One night, she asked fans to pray for Gracie's low oxygen levels (80 percent) to increase.

What happened the next day was nothing short of a miracle because the oxygen level quickly climbed to 100 percent.

"That morning she woke up and she was eating a real meal and talking and giggling and wanting to play games," Grant said. "She just seemed like Gracie."

She said Gracie is still fighting pneumonia, but she is optimistic that her daughter will eventually recover her good health as she is getting stronger day by day.

"We are thanking God for the miraculous recovery Gracie has had. When we took her to the emergency room, doctors said she was at an 11 out of 12, with 12 being the absolute worst it can get on the respiratory scale. She shouldn't have been able to still walk. Yet here she is, 5 days in the ICU and now headed home. She is such a strong little girl and our God is such a faithful Father," gushed Grant.