'One Punch Man' chapter 131 spoilers: Garou faces Bang, Saitama hits Elder Centipede

Saitama, the main protagonist in Viz Media's anime series "One Punch Man"Viz official website

While waiting for the next season of Japanese anime "One Punch Man," fans are absorbed reading its manga version. After illustrator Yusuke Murata revealed that chapter 131 will have more pages, fans are even more excited to grab a copy.

Earlier this month, Murata posted an image of chapter 131's transcript. It shows that the chapter will have over 130 pages. Many are impressed by the amount of work Murata is giving to the manga especially that he increased the number of pages. For readers, this means more fun and excitement as they follow the adventures of the protagonist, Saitama.

"One Piece" chapter 131 will pick up where the last chapter left off. After Garou fought with some A-Class heroes, he will have a fight with Bang. While fighting, some flashbacks of Garou's past will be included in the manga. Garou's backstory will show him dealing with bullies when he was a kid. Most kids do not like the idea of Garou siding with the monsters.

When the fight is about to end, the Monster Association will plan to kidnap Garou before Bang could kill him. Garou will plead to allow him to keep fighting, but a bird monster will arrive to bring him to the Monster King, Orochi. During their meeting, Orochi will try to talk to him about becoming a monster.

Meanwhile, the Elder Centipede will suddenly arrive to fight with Bang, his brother Bomb, and Genos. Genos will not be in good condition to fight since he is having a crisis of confidence after Gouketsu defeated him in a fight. Fortunately, Saitama will arrive to help the three. The hero will give his best punch that will result in the explosion of Elder Centipede's body.

Saitama's powerful punch is known to kill monsters and stop violent attacks. Although he is just a regular person, he decided to help humankind by using his ability. Saitama's daily training, which gave him extreme strength, helped him become a hero.