'Star Trek: Discovery' season 1 episode 12 spoilers: Burnham struggles to avoid Georgiou's suspicions

Promotional poster of "Star Trek: Discovery" from CBS.Official CBS website

In the next episode of "Star Trek: Discovery," Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) tries to avoid Captain Philippa Georgiou's watchful eye in the alternate universe.

The trailer for the upcoming installment, which is titled "Vaulting Ambition," was released just recently, and it shows Burnham and Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) in the space transport, having a conversation.

"Your captain is dead. Emperor Georgiou. She's a ghost," the captain says to the struggling Burnham. In their own universe, Georgiou died at the hands of Klingons. However, in this dimension, Georgiou is alive and ruthless, apparently.

"Have you ever been afraid of ghosts?" she asks Lorca with a worried look. It seems that Burnham has to watch her back as Georgiou is growing a bit suspicious of her actions and mannerisms.

Later, the evil captain meets with Burnham in her quarters. She is intimidated by the captain's formidable presence, but she tries to show a brave face. Georgiou approaches her and says, "You always try to outsmart me, Michael. Why are you lying to me?"

The captain then takes out a knife and points it at Burnham's throat. The latter's eyes widen as she is struck by fear. She wonders if Georgiou has any idea that she and Lorca are not from that universe. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen what Georgiou will do to Burnham and Lorca after their meeting on the Shenzhou.

In the last episode, Burnham instructed her crew from the alternate universe not to drop the torpedoes on the rebel base until she said so. However, Georgiou arrived and proceeded with bombing the planet. This planted doubts in her mind on whether Burnham had another agenda in motion. Burnham was shocked by Georgiou's unexpected arrival.

"Star Trek: Discovery" season 1 episode 12 will hit the airwaves on Sunday, Jan. 21, at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS All Access.