Tedashii debuts video for new single 'Make War' on Ransom.tv

The new music video for rap artist Tedashii’s single “Make War” made its debut this week on Ransom.tv, the online youth website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

“Make War” is from Tedashii’s sophomore release “Identity Crisis”, which debuted at No 2 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Album chart.

The song was inspired by a message from pastor and author John Piper, in which he said: “I hear so many Christians murmuring about their imperfections, and their failures and their addiction, and their shortcomings. And, I see so little war!”

“Make War” focuses on the concept of making a concerted effort to fight and defeat the sin in one’s life. The video shows Tedashii in boxing gloves readying himself for the fight.

“My heart, my passion, my desire is that we would have men who would fight sin,” says Tedashii, “and at the end of the day, produce other men like them in discipleship.”

Tedashii shares more about his faith and “Make War” in his “Ransom Note” on www.Ransom.tv. “Ransom Notes” are video testimonies from musicians, athletes and other celebrities. Tedashii’s “Note” is also available on the site.

“It’s a battle cry, it’s a rallying song for believers to come around a central theme or idea that we have been called to fight sin,” says Tedashii about the song.

“We complain and we gripe about how much we are struggling and wrestling with sin, but I don’t’ see any war. I don’t see you taking proactive steps for success in your life.”

Tedashii “Tdot” Anderson is signed to Reach Records and is a member of the hip-hop crew, 116 Clique. Tedashii released his debut album, “Kingdom People,” in 2006. His second album, “Identity Crisis,” was released in 2009. He is working on his third album, which will be released in 2011.

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