We can learn so much from children, says Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant's daughter Sadie Rose makes a new friend and teaches her mother the true meaning of love and kindness.(Facebook/Natalie Grant)

Adults might be knowledgeable about a lot of things, but when it comes to grasping the true meaning of love, friendship, and kindness, children can actually show them a thing or two.

Christian singer Natalie Grant recently learned what it meant to really open up one's heart to a new friend after seeing her daughter Sadie strike up a friendship with another young girl.

"As we were waiting for a table at Cracker Barrel in Lynchburg, Sadie walked up to this sweet little girl and asked her to be her friend," Grant shared on her Facebook page. "Within minutes they were holding hands, skipping and calling each other their best friend. Then Sadie said, 'I think we could be twins,' and then gave the little girl the biggest hug."

Grant was not the only one who was looking on at that precious scene, as the young girl's uncle was watching over them too. He came up to Grant and told her, "This just goes to show you that racism is taught."

Grant could not agree more with what the girl's uncle told her, and she added: "We really can learn so much from children."

The "Hurricane" songstress is a mother to three beautiful girls - Grace Ana, Isabella Noelle, and Sadie Rose. "I will never stop thanking God for these 3 gifts," she writes about her daughters.

She also loves sharing photos of her children on her social media account, and most recently, she shared one of Sadie donning a singer costume. Grant thinks it might be in Sadie's DNA to become a singer just like her mum, because when they were out buying a gift for a friend, her daughter spotted the "singer" costume and pleaded with her mum to get it.

"She wanted it so desperately and of course I gave in. Not sure if it was a good decision or bad decision....She seems to be embracing it maybe a little too much hahaha!" Grant said.